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Thus, the maximum number of combinations for which the game is played, is four. Ace and a ten, a new combination of components (after splitting two aces or two dozen), are not considered as blackjack and allowed just 21 points. Special rule acts after splitting aces: second card, you get to a detached ace completes your hand. Set new maps impossible doubling the rate is unacceptable, but if the second card - again an ace, you can again use the division.

If the dealer's up card - an ace, then completed the distribution of cards, he will offer to insure. Accepting the proposal you insured against the dealer's blackjack. At the same time you place an additional bet - insurance, the amount of which can not exceed one half of the original bet. In fact, you make a side bet and bet on what the dealer get blackjack.

If this really happens, it will pay you double the insurance, otherwise insurance is lost. If you are dealt black jack, a proposal for insurance does not concern you. Instead, the dealer will offer "even money": you can instantly get the win, but not at a ratio of 3:2, and in the amount of the original bet. Rejecting you can lose win at blackjack the dealer.

Failure to play or "lease" (surrender) If two initial cards you do not like, you can refuse to continue the game, immediately recognizing his defeat. With this you do not lose the whole bet, but only half. If you have already taken advantage of the division (split), the rejection of the game is impossible. Typically, the dealer reminds players about the possibility of failure, and it occurs immediately after the initial distribution of cards. But if a player has already taken at least one additional card, to give "lease" are not permitted. However, some casinos allow the disclaimer of the game in a more convenient time for you - when the dealer turns directly to your boxing.

Provided that the player has enough large initial capital, as well as the ability to make unlimited rates, perfectly justified strategy reminiscent of the classic Martingale roulette - "Double" . When rates are limited pre-established framework, this strategy works with some degree of success, but, nevertheless, can increase the chances of winning.
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