In a game of Blackjack player's chances and casinos are constantly changing. Your chances of playing in the next round determines what cards left in the deck after the draw for the next round. Card-counting systems allow the player with a certain degree of accuracy to determine their chances for the next round of the game, and depending on it to vary the rates and other actions.

Generally, the decision on the amount of rates and decide on the next course - different things, but in the most simplified form, the situation looks like this: do the minimum allowable bid, when the remainder of the deck favors the casino; raise rates when calculation shows that the balance of the deck favors the players.

Need to understand that the true purpose of the player in Blackjack - to beat the dealer, and on what points he will accomplish this task - indifference. Make the right decisions allow gaming card counting systems.

Perfect strategy - is one in which the player remembers all that came out of the game cards, knowing so all remaining in the deck, and then, using the theory of probability calculates the odds of one or another card in any available combination on hand, taking into account the features of the rules taken in a particular casino and on what card the dealer is open. Capable of such very limited contingent of players - the so-called phenomenal counters having both a whole set of other qualities necessary professional player - for example, acting ability.

After all, Blackjack, like roulette, belongs to the category of bank gambling, in which each player plays against the bank - ie casino interests are represented by the croupier, it - the dealer. In this case, blackjack - the only practically casino game in which the gambling establishment does not have a mathematical advantage over the players, and therefore, the result of the game depends not only on the will of the case, but also on the skills of the players. Not accidentally particularly successful in Black Jack it is those who friends with math: Math Blackjack - on the side of the player!
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