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The first time a player bets the minimum rate set on his desk. In case of loss, the next con player doubles his initial bet. In the case of replay rate for the third con again doubled. And so it continues as long as the player does not win. With an unlimited winning bids must appear on one of the steps, in other circumstances it may happen when the next double will be impossible due to restrictions imposed on the table. Then it is necessary to conclude that fortune clearly turned away from you at the moment, and you should not continue the game, and it is better to return to the table tomorrow, when you will probably take much longer.

Pretty risky strategy is "persecution" , but it pays off quite often. Furthermore, it does not involve a long rate increases, and therefore can be used without any restrictions. This strategy is as follows: the player before the game determines its minimum and maximum rates, which he wants to do. For the first batch he puts the minimum bid (although you can set and maximum - maybe you are lucky). All subsequent rates depend only on the result of the previous game - if the previous game played, then the next game the player places a minimum bet, if the game is won, then he puts his maximum bid.

Thus, this strategy minimizes the loss in a series of failures, and maximizes the gain in the case of a series of victories. However, this strategy may fail if the victory will fall all the time only once. The third strategy - "Careful persecution" is a slightly modified version of the previous. If the player assumes that his series of victories are not particularly long, then it is better to stick to this strategy.

The gist of it is that, as in the previous strategy you choose for yourself the maximum and minimum rates, and besides, still define the average rate between them. As in the previous strategy, after losing you bet the minimum bet for the next game. But with wins here a little more complicated.

After the first win you bet the maximum bet after winning the second put the average rate after the third win put the minimum bid (since the probability of winning a fourth consecutive small enough). If the fourth time you won too, then put again the lowest rate, and so on, before the next series of wins (or, perhaps you should start using the previous strategy). That was the sequence of bets after a series of wins and is "caution" this strategy.
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